Music and Chocolate and Earless Cats

Music and Chocolate and Earless Cats

Eleanor, 17 from Steel City, UK! You can find out more about me below! :3
common-imbecile asked: ♪ :D


Ooh thank you! You got a very short lil song, less than a minute long!

Dancehall By The King Blues!
The best line is probably ‘turn my ashes into diamonds’ but the whole thing is just fab really! :’)


Photographer Reveals the Lonely Side of Superheroes

Photographer Benoit Lapray’s photo series, “The Quest for Absolute" focuses on the loneliness of famous superheroes, set in the beautiful, yet desolate landscape of the French Alps.

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Green Day Asks

American Idiot:Rant about something.
Jesus of Suburbia:Have you ever run away from home?
Stray Heart:Tell us about your crush!
I Want to be Alone:Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Knowledge:What is a cover that you really like?
409 in Your Coffee Maker:What do you think about school?
X-Kid:Do you want to grow up?
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?:What is your favorite book?
Brat:What is your relationship with your parents?
Missing You:Do you miss anyone?
Poprocks and Coke:Who is there for you when no one else is?
When It's Time:Are you in a relationship?
I Want to be on TV:Have you ever been on TV?
Scattered:What makes you feel nostalgic?
J.A.R.:What are 5 things that are important to you?